Locating uncatalogued files in HSM
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Garrett Shaw
2018-10-03 19:52:56 UTC
I am cleaning up a very old HSM MCDS. I have listed all of the files not accessed in 180 days, several hundred thousand of them. I am trying to locate and clean up all of the uncatalogued gdg's and sequential files in HSM first. Is there a utility that can help me find which files are no longer cataloged in our user cats that are still in HSM? It would also be nice if it didn't generate a HSM recall. I am in the process of writing a rexx routine to do this but it is generating a HSM recall. I have to believe that someone else has this problem also, maybe not. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
2018-10-09 09:52:55 UTC
Hi Garrett,

You can try below,

1. Check 'DCOLLECT RECORD LAYOUT" manual and You will find a flag that tells if the dataset is cataloged into an ICF. Report it.
2. Generated migrate dataset list using DCOLLECT MCDS record.
3. Compare datasets list got from step 1 and 2 using SORT + JOINKEYS to determine the files that are no longer cataloged in your user cats that are still in HSM

Kind regards,